Typo in the last email announcing the Webinar on July, 21st?


I received recently an email from Storj to invite people to register to the next Webinar on July, 21st.

Is there a typo here?

Would you rather want to say “centralized cloud storage” solutions?


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no that seems correct. It’s a comparison between other decentralized solutions and Storj DCS, which is easier to set up etc.

It seems a little bit confusing because those drawbacks (require orchestration for multi-region availability ; managing security across regions ; file synchronization for consistency) seem more related to centralized cloud storage solutions.

yeah but somehow it makes even less sense to me if it was supposed to be “centralized solutions”.

In my opinion, “centralized soutions” refer to traditional cloud storage solutions, such as AWS.
With these solutions, if you want to increase availability of your data hosted on S3, you have to implement mechanism to ensure cross-region replication (not implemented by default on S3) and then implement specific security mechanisms on each of these regions. Plus, you will probably need to think about data consistency since your may have unexpected behaviors when requesting a data from a region B, just after updating this data on region A (“strong consistency” to be activated, check this).