Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Does anyone have a ball park estimate of when a Storj docker release will happen for Ubuntu 20.04?

Storj will work as long as you can get Docker installed on the host. You have two options. Either install the docker.io package from the main Ubuntu repo, or install docker-ce from the Docker repo using the 19.10 tag until they release a 20.04 tag.


The docker-ce Ubuntu package is now available for 20.04. The official Docker repo has focal distribution tag. The below DO link is my recommended method for installing Docker and docker-compose on Ubuntu.

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Hi folk

Does the upgrade 19.10 -> 20.04 (ubuntu server) work correctly after stop and remove docker container?
I dont want to face issues, just reached the 12 months so i gonna be careful with it :wink:


I can’t answer your question, but do yourself a favour and stay with LTS releases after upgrading to 20.04. The interim release are only supported for 9 month.

I agree on that. i was on 19.04 and it was a pain to update once the support ended… So I ended up completely reinstalling 20.04. So I can’t say anything about the upgrade itself but 20.04 works good for me.