Ubuntu CLI or Window 10 GUI

Should I use Window 10 or Ubuntu in a VM on my NAS for Storj? I like the idea of the the dashboard which can be checked from another computer, but I’m not sure if the GUI works well with Window 10 Home. Does anyone have experience with the Window 10 GUI on Window 10 home?

You should run a docker container on your NAS instead of overhead with any VM.
Please, check that your NAS is able to run the Docker.

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I agree with Alexey. There is no need for virtualization overhead here.
But in case your NAS does not support docker, you should definitely go with a Linux VM.

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Does the Dashboard also work just as well with the Linux as Windows? I keep hearing about the dashboard on Windows, never Linux.

The dashboard is the same on windows and linux.

Just Windows users have a Internet Explorer and it’s not work