Ubuntu Server ufw ports rules

In Ubuntu Server, I want to keep ufw active. It’s remote accessed from a PC on the local network.
What ports should I set to ALLOW ?

  1. OpenSSH ?
  2. NTP ?
  3. server.address TCP+UDP ?
  4. console.address TCP ?
  5. debug.addr TCP ?
  6. server.private-address TCP ?

I imagine the first 5, but I’m not sure about the 6. Are there any others? Thanks!

  1. SSH port 22/tcp (limit to LAN)
  2. storj server port 28967 (leave blank for protocol to allow udp/tcp) (forward from router)
  3. storj dashboard port 14002/tcp (limit to LAN)

No others are needed.


So, not even NTP?
I put the debug port to be able to access it from other PC.

Unless you are offering NTP service to other clients, you should keep it closed. Ports are opened on the server side, not on the client side.

I don’t use the debug port for anything, so YMMV.