Unable to connect to Storj S3 Gateway

Hi everyone, I’m trying to connect to my bucket on Storj through s3fs using the url https://gateway.eu1.storjshare.io/ but it can’t connect. This is the log:

s3fs[79744]: s3fs.cpp:s3fs_check_service(3905): unable to connect(host=https://gateway.eu1.storjshare.io) - result of checking service.

EDIT: I was able to connect using “-o noua” with s3fs

Good to see you got it to work. I’ve always been curious about using s3fs with Storj. How is your experience with it so far?

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Very good so far, loading folder contents isn’t super fast but you can get used to it.
I don’t recommend it for uploading many files together because I have noticed that it is much slower than aws-cli.