Unable to get past OFFLINE in new setup on Windows 10

I know this is one of those situations where I did something wrong. Problem is I cannot figure out where that is. I am hoping that someone can help me with an OFFLINE status after initial setup of storj storage node.
I followed the instructions at Introduction - Node Operator (storj.io) and followed a youtube video by Storj Labs: Set up a Storj storage node on Windows #withme​ - complete SNO tutorial.

Requested and receive authorization token from Storj.

It ran fine under Powershell and gave me an error in command prompt. Error: CA certificate and/or key already exists, NOT overwriting.

Ran identity under Powershell which ran without error. Under command prompt I receive an error. Error: certificates peer error: authorization already claimed.

Then confirmed Identity in Powershell and Command prompt. Received a “2” and “3” on both.
I them downloaded and ran the GUI installer for windows. Moving to the entering of external address.
I entered the DDNS from NOIP I created followed by the port of 28967.
I set up the storj folder on an empty formatted 4tb drive. I allocated 3.0tb to storj.
The rest of the install completes without any apparent error.
Using MS Edge I can see that I am offline.

Even after waiting overnight I am still offline according to the top of the webpage generated. In the mid-section under Suspension and Audit it shows 100% on all satellites.

I did port forward back in the beginning and double checked it. Windows firewall shows:
I also set up my TP link router as follows:
I should have put this up earlier as this is probably where I went wrong. I went to NOIP and set up my DDNS. The setup looks like this:
On the right site is my ip address according to NOIP and a port checked I’ll show in a moment. I am not sure I understand this part. If this external address is used in this column, then wouldn’t I have to change this every time my ISP changed by ip address?
When I do a check to see if the port is open I consistently receivea return that it is closed.
As stated above I am completely lost. I tried restarting PC and Router then PC, Modem and Router. I actually went through three tokens trying to get this to work. If anybody know where I screwed up then please fill me in.
BTW: it has been 16 hours since I installed the software.
Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone may provide.

Make sure you are not on CGNat network
You can check whether you’re on a CGN network by visiting a Web site such as ipaddress.com or whatsmyip.com and comparing the IP address listed to the public/WAN IP address assigned to your Internet gateway. To find your gateway’s public IP address, check the status page in the administrative interface. If the two IP addresses differ, you’re likely on a CGN network

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Doing a traceroute did not look like I was on a CGN. That was when I did the traceroute through powershell. When i went to whatsmyip.org traceroute the routing ended at a my internet provider Suddenlink. So I would assume that I am on a CGN.
Currently, my cable is Suddenlink (optimum) 1gig home service with Altice branded modem. As you are aware I am new to this, but in researching CGN one of the site contributors mentioned that CGN is usually assoc with this service.
What is it I can do to get past this issue.
*I appreciate you quick response. By the time I got back to my last attempt it had already booted my out and my code was no longer good. got frustrated and just deleted everyhing again. Going to try one more time here as I have already paid for a year of DNS already.

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Thank you for that updated information. I appreciate your time.