Unable to run Storj 1.1.4 on QNAP QTS

I’m a brand new user hopfully soon to be operator. My Machine is a QNAP TS-1270U-RP. Following the instructions @ QNAP Storage Node App - Node Operator (storj.io) I have come to an issue. When trying to open the application It displays a Warning and a Fatal Error. I’ll attach a photo. Any help moving forward would be greatly appreciated.

Hi rjl63b, welcome to the forum. Although I don’t have an answer for you, perhaps I can help you in the right direction. Have you read the additional info available on github?

If you have shell access, it might be easier to install docker follow the docker setup guide:

And lastly, I will tag the developer @paragpadsumbiya who might be interested in this error and/or might know how to fix it.

Good luck!

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Hello @rjl63b

Thanks for using app…can you please let me know which PHP version is installed in your qnap as look like this issue regarding version of PHP .

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php version

Have you found a solution for this? Otherwise I can’t use my node anymore.

Please use the Docker CLI install instead. The third party app is not maintained or supported by Storj.

Yes too bad about the data am for 2 years with a few terra storage. But I will not now tinker together and adapt to my qnap.