Unable to see my files on us1.storj.io


I think I found a bug here, not sure how to reproduce it though but the issue is I am able to see all my files on my bucket using uplink, rclone, filezilla but not on the satellite Web UI. I have thousands of files but the Web UI shows only one.

Hello alvergant, you are probably not using the same passphrase in the Web UI that you are using for the other tools. Only files which can be decrypted are shown in any tool, web or otherwise.


Yes exactly, that was the problem, I have managed to find the valid passphrase, a typo.

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Remember to re-upload the one file you were seeing when you had the wrong passphrase using the correct passphrase, if it is important, or delete it otherwise. Such that you only have files for the passphrase that you actively use.

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