Unable to setup tardigrade client

I’m running macOS Catalina (10.15.3) and not being able to setup Tardigrade client properly. I’ve followed this guide but it keeps refusing my key (which I copy pasted from tardigrade panel).

The commands I did:

$ curl -L https://github.com/storj/storj/releases/latest/download/uplink_darwin_amd64.zip -O && unzip uplink_darwin_amd64.zip
$ ./uplink_darwin_amd64 setup
Select your satellite:
        [1] us-central-1.tardigrade.io
        [2] europe-west-1.tardigrade.io
        [3] asia-east-1.tardigrade.io
Please enter numeric choice or enter satellite address manually [1]: 2
Choose an access name ["default"]: 
Enter your API key: (redacted) [100 chars key retrieved from EU-West Tardigrade panel]
Error: uplink: api key format error: invalid api key format

Do you have any idea on what I’m doing wrong ? I’m using iTerm, also tried the build in terminal from macOS without success and sured I have no whitespaces or other non-visible characters in the key.

Make sure you copied whole key. I was able to recreate your error after I manually deleted last character from the key. My key has 103 characters.

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