Unable to start storage node after making the container

Greetings. I just started out my storage node yesterday. All went well in setup, and the dashboard said that the node was online and last contact was 0s, although no ingress or egress was taking place. I had to do a mandatory restart on Windows, and then when I went to start the node, it said that I had to delete, and then re-create the container, because the command creates the node, and the node names are the same. Is there a command that I can just start that node without deleting and re-creating? I hope this all makes sense. Also, what is the estimated time frame that I would expect some data coming into and out of the node? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello @Antonios-P,
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You always should stop and remove the container and run it back if you want to change something in the parameters.
If you do not want to change anything, but you want to restart the Windows, then better to stop the container before that:

docker stop -t 300 storagenode

After the reboot you can start it back without recreating:

docker start storagenode

If your PC would be rebooted accidentally (as it usually happened in Windows), then you can do nothing - the container will be restarted automatically with start of Docker desktop application, i.e. after the login.
Please, note - the node will be offline until your login to your desktop! This is one of downsides of Docker desktop for Windows.
The second - sometimes the network inside the container would stop to work - your node will be offline. In this case you should restart the Docker from the Docker desktop application.
So, keep an eye on dashboard.
You can start the Docker desktop application via Windows Scheduler on Windows start (i.e. before the login) to fix the first issue. The second issue is related to the Docker desktop itself, it’s not fixed yet and only workaround - to restart the Docker from the Docker desktop application.

The complete fix for issue calling “Windows” - is to migrate to the Linux

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Thanks for your reply. I had the right idea. Instead of docker start storagenode, I was doing docker run storagenode. That made all the difference. Problem solved!