Unable to start the docker storagenode container

I setup the docker instance and everything but this is the error I get. Someone please help

Looks the same as when I started out…

The vetting process takes a little time to complete for new nodes (a few hours at most?), before the satellites will start sending requests your way.

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Welcome to the forum @leovarmak!

Your screenshot does not contain any errors. If you are referring to the voucher requests, those are normal on new nodes. Your node has to be vetted by each satellite. You need to pass 100 audits in order to be vetted, just keep your node online. Also please check your dashboard and make sure last contact is at or near 0s.


@BrightSilence @mike Thank you for your response. This is the first time I am running it so I didn’t know that.
Now I see a lot of uploaded started and uploaded messages. Does it mean my node is up and running ?

Yep, that means you’re golden! Welcome on board.

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Yea!! That’s nice. Now is there a dashboard or something where can I checkout the payouts and stuff ?

@BrightSilence I found it. Sorry for the questions.

So how does the payout work ? I get paid for the total allocated storage or only for the used storage ?

There is the dashboard you can find in the instructions

That does not contain payout information though. There are also several community managed scripts to check this stuff.

For payout calculation:

For success rates based on logs:

For audits per satellite:

Search this forum for more useful stuff like that.