Understanding free account conditions

I have some doubts about the operation of the free tier. I would thank you if you could clarify them please:

  • “Storage Limite per month” does it means that each month could be uploaded 150 GB as maximum? If so, is it possible to have stored >150 Gb in a free tier as far as it is not uploaded more than 150 Gb each month?
  • “Bandwidth limit per month” is really bandwidth (amount of data per second downloaded / uploaded) or does it mean instead maximum data transfer amount per month?
  • Is there some limit that just disables the upload (“storage”) or download (“bandwidth”) when reached the month maximum? Is there a way to implement that limit? Some would prefer to loss upload/download possibility until some files are deleted than to enter unconsciously in the paid-tier.


Hi @Yukon

This document should help explain the limits on Free Tier Accounts as well as the Paid Tier Accounts

If you do choose to move to a a Paid Tier Account, you will only be charged for what you use.
This document covers how billing is calculated and details bandwidth calculations

This blog discusses bandwidth usage in the network

I hope this helps answer your questions.


No, it’s a total storage limit, only egress usage renewed each month.

It’s egress traffic only (downloads from the network). This is a total amount of downloaded data per month.

Yes. If you uploaded 150GB of data (or used more than 150,000 segments), you will be unable to upload more. You need to delete something to upload more or increase storage limit (to do so, you will need to add a payment method to your account).
If you downloaded 150GB of data you will be unable to download any data until the next month, unless you add a payment method to your account and increase your limits (for CC they will be increased automatically to PRO limits, for STORJ tokens you need to submit a support request).