Unexplained downloading decrease


I created a node in March 2020 of 2.5TB on a QNAP TS451+

In August, September and October I had about
Download: 210GB
repair: 170GB
Disk average: 2.3TB

For 10 days I have the traffic which has dropped considerably
around 800MB / day in Download

All my audits and suspensions are 100%

Is this normal?

Thank you

i see the same, so it not error jus some patern change.

Ok but concretely what does that mean? That we will stay with this ration of 24 GB/month of Download for 2.5 TB of storage?

no one know this, it is how testers/users decide to do, it not mining not predictoble.


As @Vadim said StorjLabs is a real service with real users, and it has nothing to do with mining.
Network usage does vary depending on what they do, if new users join or leave the network, and if tests are being conducted or not.
Some months are great, some months are average, and some months there isn’t much going on.

It varies from day to day. As long as there is at least a little bit of activity and your indicators (suspension/audit/online scores) are okay, your node is probably fine.


Thank you.

how do you know your online scores

The web dashboard does display them. Here is an example from one of my nodes:

(100% means “good”)

I don’t have this on my dashboard

then update it to latest version 1.16.1

I see you’re only missing the “Online” score, which suggests your node is not up-to-date. You should upgrade it.

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I updated one my node does not start anymore

Weird, this error can happen when the disk is overloaded… Which is not your case I presume?

No my disk is not overloaded

Well there are ways to fix malformed/locked databases (yours doesn’t seem malformed though), you can search the forum.
But it’d be great to know why it is locked in the first place…

Already I will start by repatriating my data on my QNAP nas, currently they are on another NAS with a CIFS mount. It’s not the best as a config

The network attached storage is not supported (any).
The various issues with locking is a main reason for that.
The only compatible protocol is iSCSI, but still have problems: