Uniswap Airdrop

General FYI for anyone that has used Uniswap to convert crypto prior to September 1st, you can claim 400 UNI tokens directly from Uniswap’s website.

At current trading prices 400 UNI is worth over $3,000 USD.

Being risk adverse I sold all but one UNI at half the current price yesterday but hard to complain!


Thanks for the heads up!


And one more !



What to do with the traded value?

I was thinking of using mine to buy AWC and stake it for what seems to be 20% yearly reward.

In 15 years, half the airdrop will be worth:

1500 * (1+.2)^15 = 23110.53

That’s a really nice something or another in 15 years for using Uniswap a few times in early 2020.


I’m posting this here because I really don’t know anyone personally in my local area actively involved in crypto. Mostly I’ve been experimenting with blockchain tech… $3000 all at once is a bit more than I am used to dealing with.

Then again, if I manage to get to 32 ETH… I could stake that directly on the ETH 2.0 network:



wew! Thank you for sharing that great information! And this time, this is not a fake Storj GiveAway on Facebook, as you know probably haha. Merci ! Cheers.

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Yes, it seems to be real.

I was worried about the few dollars needed to claim it and then the further $12 to sell to eth but then bingo!

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If anyone has used more than one Ethereum address on Uniswap, the tokens are per address!

Double or triple the fun!


If UNI follows the path of YFI …

when it hits $2500 … each 400 UNI will be worth $1,000,000 USD

So, I’ve decided to keep at least half of my UNI as UNI.