Unraid Storj Node Suspension

Good evening all,

I’m hoping someone out there maybe able to help me. My node is getting suspending from satelites, it has now been suspended on 4 out of the 6 satelites.

I’m running my node on an UNRAID server using the contaners on there. I’ve looked but i just cannot find out how to view the logs to see whats wrong. Does anyone know what the Unraid CLI command is or where the location of the logs would be kept so i can attemp to find out what is wrong.

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Hi and welcome please read this post.

Hi there,

Thank you for linking to that release, i was searching around but failed to find that.

Just out of interest and more for my own learning, how do i actually find the logs for the node running on Unraid, i don’t supose you know?


It depends on the OS your running. Which OS are you running inside of unraid?

Its just one of the container images under the docker tab. I’ve tried the docker commands i’ve found on here but they don’t work with it.

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Try to run docker logs -f storagenode

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