Unused node is now unsuspended?

I got an email a few days ago (which I just read) that says an old node “12tx…” has been unsuspended because it’s been online long enough. The issue is that it hasn’t been online at all. I had an old node whose harddisk crashed. Then I bought a new HD and re-installed storj (Ubuntu 22) under node id 12tx… Then I messed something up on that install so I abandoned node id 12tx… and am now running another node (1qvb) on that hardware.

Is this an issue? The 12tx node shouldn’t be active at all.

Did you reuse any files from the old node for the new one?’

Please give me NodeID from this email.

12txnk1y2vFSy3SXdMbwYW6WxrLrvgFCoU43QuxjXtDmyNMUTXN is the node that didn’t work.

It’s interesting. This node is not DQ on Saltlake. The last success contact date is 2024-04-27 19:56, but it’s placed under review at 2024-05-05 13:05 and updated at 2024-05-19 12:35. The online score is 0.19, but the suspension score is 1.0 and the audit score is 0.99.

This night, I got this mail:

However, iterating over al my nodes… I turn out not to have any node with one of these IDs. However, last month two of them failed at once. Having their IDs on the same failed disk, which I returned to the seller because of guarantee. So I’m really curious now, whether these nodes are really online or not (I assume they aren’t, because I got no messages from other satellites).

I think there is a bug, I reported again to the team.