Unusual New Behaviour/Issue


I’ve been running my node since about Feb this year without any issues.
In the last few days however when i load the Dasboard it just hangs on “loading” screen (with the rotating circle).

I have tried updating both the OS (Linux Mint) and docker container with no luck.

I have attached an image of the only error I could locate in the log file. (Couldn’t include here as there is a limitation n new users.)

Is that the cause possible? Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance,

Hello @milenkob ,
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Errors like “database is locked” saying that your disk either too slow or too busy.
How is it connected to your box?
Is it a network attached drive?
Is it a SMR (PSA: Beware of HDD manufacturers submarining SMR technology in HDD's without any public mention)?

What is filesystem?

P.S. You can copy the text from the log and put it here between new lines with three backticks like this:

2021-05-29T11:07:53      INFO   download started .....

It will produce a pretty view on the forum:

2021-05-29T11:07:53      INFO   download started .....
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Thank you for your very quick reply and advice regarding posting.

To answer your questions Its connected via USB 3, no SMR to my knowledge. The file system according to /etc/fstb is ntfs.
Its a WD 4TB drive.

If you believe the issue related to the drive then I could replace it with a quicker internal, but, do you have any guides for migrating existing setups. It wold be nice to continue from this point rather than go back to the very beginning…its only recently started storing some descent amounts.

Thanks agin for the help.

If you wanted to migrate the node data from one drive to another you can use this doc as a template (although it’s designed for one hardware to another) - How do I migrate my node to a new device? - Node Operator

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I’m not 100% sure if this is your issue, but ntfs on linux is far from optimal. I believe some people have had performance issues in the past. If possible I would copy your data to another drive, reformat the drive as ext4, then move the data back.


Thank you everyone for the feedback and advice. I will try changing the file system first. If that doesn’t work then ill migrate to a new machine and drive as per the doco.

Dont hold your breath as i’m quite limited in available time but I will post results when I have had a chance to try any of the options…might be helpful to someone else.

Thanks again, much appreciated.