Unusually high disk activity

Greetings. Been lurking for a year but just registered. I’ve used search and found some existing topics about disk usage but didnt actually find an answer. For the last 7 hours my disk activity looks like this. Is this normal? Is it going to go away? Windows GUI install, never had issues with updates or malformed db’s.
Windows 10 Pro
Node is on its 7th month, storing 3TB currently.
Storage is on 2x 3Tb WD RED’s spanned with windows disk manager (yes i know its dangerous and like raid 0 and yadayada, they’re working fine, ill upgrade to single large disk a bit later)

I use mklink created a symbolic link for “temp” folder to test whether disk is busy r/w the files in it.
Eventually, I found that 100% disk usage is related to sqlite operations with bandwidth.db.
Not blobs nor temp.

windows 10 time to time persform defragmantation, check it maybe it running on background, it automated run once a week.

I checked for fragmentation, its at 1%.

About bandwidth.db, well i havent seen this before, what gives? Also, for the last 5 hours there are 24 database locked messages in the log

If you use mklink like mklink /d "path/to/storage/temp" "path/to/other/ssd".
You will find out bandwidth.db and bandwidth.db-wal has a high response time in resource manager which result in 100% disk usage.

Vacum bandwidth.db will help it work faster.
I putted all dbs to SSDs work much faster, but also risk.

Hm, i can see it right here

How do i vacuum a db file?

is it windows GUI? i think so
you can download DB Brouser(SQLite) stop node Open DB broures as Admin, open DB choose bandwidth db, Tools>Compact database. order DB can do the same.

I just vacuumed db files and temp dir but sadly it’s still 100%.
But dashboard is opening quicker, maybe this is not the reason.

after node restart, it will recalculate used space, so for some time depend on node size 10min-2h usage will be 100%

So is it normal expected behaviour? How are HDD’s supposed to last under constant 100%

I use HDDs that used to work 24/7 like WD perple, or datacenter editions.
normaly it not use 100% all the time.

WD Reds are rated for 24/7. My question is, i’ve never seen this much load before, what changed?

After using UltraDefrag’s Optimize MFT (which contains NTFS file table) is back to normal.
I think it’s caused by too many files and MFT fragmentation.

Trying that right now, did you run it on a live node?

Yes. But you should backup first for any accident or error.
I’m using UltraDefrag 9.0.1. It’s not free.

Other softwares that can defrag MFT can see here

I stopped the node and running Optimize MFT on UltraDefrag 7.1.4 right now. It’s running like a billion times faster with the node stopped :smiley: Man i cant backup 3.02 tb of storj data in a snap of a finger :slight_smile: Lets see what happens. Ill report back with results.
I think i know why i never had this much disk activity before and now i do. I use spanned volume, so when the first disk became full it all went to hell. What do you think? Should really use spanned volume but i wanted to increase storage space, will upgrade to 12tb single drive in about a month

I never use spanned volume before, not familiar with it.
Maybe future you use single drive and this happens again, optimize MFT may help.

Nothing has changed, 100% usage still

@Vadim How did you put your databases on SSD ? How do i show the Windows GUI node the path to them?