Update caused shutdown of node

So I just checked on my node and realized it was offline. Check my realtime log that I had open at the time, it said it received a request to shutdown the service.

Check the updater log and I see this
2020/01/23 13:37:18 finished downloading https://github.com/storj/storj/releases/download/v0.30.5/storagenode_windows_amd64.exe.zip to C:\Windows\TEMP\storagenode069893959
2020/01/23 13:37:19 restarting service storagenode
2020/01/23 13:37:24 unable to restart service: exit status 2

Node log shows this

2020-01-23T13:37:19.616-0800 INFO Interrogate request received.
2020-01-23T13:37:19.716-0800 INFO Stop/Shutdown request received.

So I restarted the server to be on the safe side. I can’t get the node to start.

UPDATE: So I managed to get the node back online and figure out what happened. Somehow the configuration file got modified. At first I was thinking it was the updater. In reality I must of accidentally swapped the file out myself without realizing it, it’s very easy for that to happen when you have 2 folder windows open that look identical.

Is it posible, you swaped it yourself, whet tried to install second one and copied from here, and copied back also after. Just after restart it reading it only.

The updater is unable to get the configuration from the other computer, so it could be only you. The running node used the previous configuration until got restarted.
When it’s restarted, it used the new configuration.


I guess I could have accidentally swapped the file out thinking it was the other PC. Just glad I figured it out and fixed it.