Update of the "set up a storage node" page needed?

Although I’m already up and running my node, I was still looking over some of the documentation to learn more. In reviewing the Set Up a Storage Node page I spotted that the docker pull was with the alpha tag. When I did my pull (following various Linux/RPi instructions) I used latest as the tag, assuming that was the latest stable version. I’m still learning docker and not sure if specifying a tag of alpha is really getting the “bleeding edge” version from somewhere. I would think that for best stability that the documentation should either be updated to be:
docker pull storjlabs/storagenode:latest
or just:
docker pull storjlabs/storagenode
since the default of a docker pull uses the latest tag, unless the intent is for everyone to be running bleeding edge.

Or maybe alpha=latest and I’m just clueless about that. Welcome to be corrected if necessary.

Its already been updated? https://documentation.storj.io/setup/cli/storage-node

Or somehow I wandered into the Alpha channel of the documentation… no idea how I got there.

Sigh… disregard.


So lesson learned here is double check that you’re in the right documentation section, and the docker alpha tag I guess will indeed pull a potentially unstable alpha version of software.

Side note, this alpha documentation section was a top hit when Googling for “creating storj node”. Not sure if the SEO can be tweaked to bury that a bit.


I tried to search and It still defaults for me to the main branch. I just searched for setup storagenode, But you clearly cant trust google though.

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Documentation is structured in a way that Alpha and Beta sections are still accessible which should have been archived months ago. At least Storj can delete all Alpha/Beta content or add a big banner on first page of Alpha and Beta sections

“WE ARE OUT OF ALPHA/BETA” You will be redirected to main branch in 5 seconds.