Update on June 2020 Payouts

I don’t get this at all… You’re literally logged in on the forum this is linking to where your views are obviously being tracked to your account and likely the same email address.

The link tracking in the email presents absolutely no additional infringement on privacy. Let’s take a step back from the universal “tracking = bad” and think about whether there is actually a negative impact here, because I’m not seeing it.


You’re right, I only talked about being tracked, the other problem is, I don’t want to click on unknown links because of security reasons. I don’t know where those weird links and redirects will take me, so I only click links that show a “good” target and not some obscure tracker/redirector.

Yes storjlabs might not gain much from tracking me since I’m on the forum etc but that’s just like saying all secret services are allowed to spy on me because I don’t have anything to hide anyway… Corporations need to be taught to respect our privacy and security concerns. In the case of storjlabs it might not be a problem but I don’t think it’s good to start making exception for certain corporations as that would split corporations in “good and evil”. They all should follow the same rules. And for me those rules are: clear links with no obscure trackers and redirectors. Anything else won’t get clicked because of privacy and security concerns. I get enough spam mails with weird links. So if you’re a reputable coporation sending me a professional email, you better have clear links.

You can of course have a different opinion about that.

As for tracking who actually read the email: Just point to an article on your blog, then you can see how many people got there…


Why would I do that?
Tracking serves absolutely no purpose to me as a consumer. It’s only good for corporations who have abused the technology again and again.
This is why they can’t have nice toys.
No, as far as I’m concerned there is no reason why I would ever voluntarily allow a company to track me unless I know what for, what and what I stand to gain from it.


Being tracked on the internet is going to happen if you like it or not, Unless your surfing the web with vpns one way or another you will be tracked. Tracking has reasons behind it, To know how many people are actually viewing this when you get an email from storj to see if its even useful. If you don’t click the link dont click the link you already know where its going to take you if your on the forums already.

What about the other 90% of the people who are running a node who has never even been to the fourms…? Storj would like to know if those people are even trying to get support or not.

How about so they can make sure they are providing the information that SNOs are actually looking for in their communications, so they can make future communications even better for you?

Or let’s flip it around, what else do you think they will be doing with this information?

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I don’t know. How about gathering enough data to manipulate elections and referenda?

The reasons you alluded to are all well and good but I should opt in, not just allow it to happen without my say so.

And just because it happens “every time I browse the internet” doesn’t mean it’s right. Personally, I try to make it as complicated as possible for me to be tracked.

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Hate to bust your bubble but everytime you come to this forum its tracking you… Google is tracking you

I do what I can to avoid it, but hey… can’t win them all. :man_shrugging:

PiHole is blocking everything Google, as much as feasible.

If you use windows its also tracking you. PIhole is great and all but unless you block every single thing manually… But then its already tracked you.

I’m gonna go ahead and consider this conversation a lost cause if you think that’s the business Storj Labs is in…


Please don’t patronise me or assume that, just because you’re an intelligent guy I am an idiot for disagreeing with you.
It’s obvious that Storj labs is not in that line of business. You’re the one who asked why object to tracking and this is why I think I should be the one giving my consent to be tracked by companies that I find trustworthy.

I don’t use Windows.

I had no intent to patronize you. I merely suggested to step back from universal statements and look at the actual harm of this case. I then specifically asked what else Storj Labs would do with this information.

If your reply wasn’t about Storj Labs then I don’t see why it’s relevant to this discussion. All I was saying is that tracking isn’t universally bad and I see no harm in this example.

Thank you for clarifying.
And my point is that the Industry has proven very amply that tracking is a powerful tool that has been and continues being abused and therefore it should not be just be accepted as a normal fact of life.
I cannot see what can possibly be the down side of that control being given to consumer?

It is a powerful tool, but a knife can be used to hurt someone as well. Doesn’t mean knifes are universally bad.

Tracking is in many cases essential to make stuff work at all and in other cases only makes things better by allowing product improvements. Instead of universally go after anyone who has a knife in their drawer, I’d prefer to only go after those who stab someone with it.

The alternative is the cookie law we have now that leads to every site popping up cookie warnings and everyone blindly clicking accept. If we would only have to click accept for third party advertising cookies for example, people might actually pay attention to the message. But now every site just says “click yes or things will break”.

I don’t think Storj Labs use of tracking in this case should require opt in.

Other than development efforts it would depend on whether this is opt in or opt out. It comes down to the tyranny of the default. If it’s opt in, you might as well give up on getting enough data to draw any conclusions from it. Opt out for this stuff would be great, but would require changes to the node software which is currently used to collect the email addresses. And to the entire pipeline from there to the email tool being used. I would personally prefer they spend their dev time elsewhere, but reasonable people can surely disagree with that.

Hah! I must be one of the few who fastidiously does go and untick all the options or click “Reject all” every time.

Yeah, I think you may be right and I should get out more :wink:

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if one does not want to be tracked may I suggest reverting back to the vacuum tube days and cars without engine management computers and all encryption is considered by the majority of governments as a national security threat so the decryptions have to available to such governments. because that cat is out of the bag long long ago.

Oh I’m sure there are a few more people who do that. Either way it’s an annoyance and you probably still don’t want to break shopping carts by disabling cookies that are essential to the site working right. This shouldn’t really be the end users job to make them do the right thing in the first place I would say.

Well, that you don’t see every day on the internet. :slight_smile: You’ve kind of made my day. Though I wasn’t implying you should get out more. :wink: (Then again, these days… shouldn’t we all)
Btw, I think we agree on a lot more than we disagree on. Bad uses of tracking should most certainly be stopped and many in between uses should require explicit opt in or opt out (I would have counted the tracking on the local dashboard in one of those last 2 categories, but Storj opted to just remove it entirely). I was merely objecting to any universal statements.

That goes similarly for universal statements in the other direction. We were just getting to a more nuanced discussion…


Move to solana, it has cheapest transactions and they are fast, i dont see any point to stay on eth as its slow and too expensive for this service.

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