Update on Storage node payouts

I calculated from the dashboard the total test data stored on my 9 nodes, on 11 march.
No node is full.
Total data stored: 56.8TB
Total test data stored: 7.3TB (13%)

US2 - 0.55% from all test data
SLTLAKE - 54.66% from all test data
EUNorth - 44.79% from all test data

% Test data from Total data stored per every node, according to their ages:
27 months - 28.2% (3.03 / 10.75TB)
23 months - 37.67% (FW off, 2 nodes/machine) (2.47 / 6.56TB)
10 months - 3% (FW off, 2 nodes/machine) (0.1 / 3.46TB)
15 months - 11.16% (0.9 / 8.12TB)
11 months - 5.01% (0.37 / 7.25TB)
10 months - 3.23% (0.23 / 7.02TB)
6 months - 1.87% (0.097 / 5.2TB)
5 months - 1.65% (0.076 / 4.63TB)
4 months - 1.59% (0.061 / 3.84 TB)

I see a clear trend on my nodes that test data is being replace time by time with real data.

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Please read the OP again. Specifically, the answer to Q: What is the proposed path forward with SNO payments?


unlikely, the expansion factor is 80/29, so you need to shutdown 52 nodes from 52 subnets /24 across the world to lose this segment. When the number of healthy pieces would be below 60 pieces, the repair job got triggered and will recover missing 20 pieces.

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I absolutely don’t mind tightening the belt if the situation requires it.
Let’s not be hypocrites.
If there is a plan to cut costs, then this should apply not only to the salaries of node operators, but also to the salaries of storj employees, naturally including dear John. In this case, I’m even ready to tighten two belts.
But not in the case when the storj employees are in a more privileged position in relation to the node operators.
Add more transparency to two components - payment for the work of node operators and company employees.
Mutual respect and transparency will remove unnecessary questions.

Sincerely yours dr Sans

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You understand that we are not talking here about the reduction of 12.5% of workers.
I was talking about something else.
Any leader must start with himself.
I would be happy to see Ben and John’s statement.
Dear company employees and node operators.
We need to cut costs and therefore we are cutting the salaries of company employees and node operators by 20%.
And we, the leaders of the company, we cut wages by 25%.
It will be fair and will remove these unnecessary multi-page discussions.

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It will not remove the discussion. Every payout cut followed by the discussion, because we need to understand is there any other way to improve the situation?

However, the basic economic will not change - if you get money from the customers, you need to have some profit (even small) after all mandatory expenses include taxes. In the current situation there is no profit, only losses…

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I think you should ☆

@andrew2.hart Please be respectful of other’s opinions. Everyone has the right to put forth their sentiments in a professional manner. Just because you or anyone else feels them unwanted does not mean you should use profanity to display your discontent.

The moment you think you might use such language, just take a long walk or get away from that topic. It’s good for your mental health in more than 1 way.


Update about the Storj network stats after more than a month, about change in Payouts post.

Previously :point_down: as of March 9, 2023.

Today April 15, 2023

There is rather an increase of 1000 nodes instead of any decrease.


And this is what is how it should look like.

Well, I spun up a few more myself.
The strategy of reducing the payouts to decrease the number of nodes doesn’t seem to be quite working out just yet… :wink:

I’m more intrigued by the 90k new user accounts on EU1, which looks like continuation of a trend rather than a last gasp dash for free/test accounts, compared to 4k new users for AP1 and 5k for US1.


Payouts have not decreased yet. And not everyone closely follows our announcements.


Both fair points…. which is why I said “yet” :smile:

I have already written that in addition to lowering rates, there is a way to reduce traffic on the network. The STORJ team met a serious rebuff from the operators regarding the reduction of rates. Well, they reduced traffic, and still achieved their goal - network costs went down exactly after April 1 for everyone.

For those who believe that there are some real users who downloaded the first quarter like crazy, and then suddenly changed their minds - well, my condolences. Even the team wrote that they have synthetic traffic in their network in addition to test traffic, so they are removing it.

Enough has already been said here about the sale of STORJ tokens from the general pool, about the business model, and so on. Who needs it - he understood everything, the rest may understand later.

I’m slowly starting to shut down my node farm, because with modern payments, even the costs of VPS/VPN don’t pay off.

there is no more syntenic traffic, all it is traffic from clients.