Update politics

i have to say this that for me it makes no more sense to run a storj node.
since you didn’t mail for updating the node, I used the watchtower.
but I had to find out that this program is not working very well.
aim running my node now since 1,5 years and my payouts are like in the beginning, nothing!!
your audit concept smashed all the work i have done before without calculating the time I spent before!
so why there is no more emails for updating the NODE?

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I’m not sure I follow.
Was your node disqualified for using too old a software?
May I ask what version you were on?

my version is now
Storage Node Dashboard ( Node Version: v1.6.4 )

-I think I was disqualified because I trusted the watchtower update processing.
but that wasn’t working well so I was disqualified I think.

so I can setup a complete new node is it better for me to erase all the data and start all over again?

I went down from 3.5TB traffic to 250GB per month

took me like 6 month to get the node in this state.
still have to pay my server rent.

I’ve just restarted one of my nodes with “latest” and I’m still on 1.5.2

You can only be disqualified for failing audits. Not for running an old version. If you still have the logs you can look for lines with failed and GET_AUDIT in them.

If you’re not disqualified on all satellites you can keep running on the remaining satellites. You can run a new node as well to be able to do business with all satellites again.

If you pay for a rented server just for Storj, you should probably rethink that approach. Do you really think it makes financial sense to rent a server and then rent out its disk space through a platform, where that platform takes a cut and the final price to customers is still competitive? I don’t see that happening realistically. So almost certainly a setup like that won’t be profitable.


Restarting alone is not enough, you need to run

docker pull storjlabs/storagenode:latest

Make sure your run command also uses the latest tag.

That’s a lot easier than rmi-ing, thank you :slight_smile:

i always do the docker rm storagenode… doubt it does anything tho since it’s an image afaik… seems to work fine just shutting down the node and pulling a new image…

Just so you know, I do not represent Storj Labs. I volunteer my time on this forum to help out others. You no longer qualify for that service. Good luck with your attitude.


Dot blame car for exident if you dont know how to drive it.

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filecoin miner requirements are a bit steep tho…
If you have only 128GiB of RAM, you will need to make sure your system provides at least an extra 256GiB of very fast swap (preferably NVMe SSD) or you will be unable to seal sectors:


audit yourself

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