UPDATE: the SNO Garbage Collection & Disqualification bug has been fixed

It’s data that was deleted by the uplink, but for some reason not from your node. It’s kept in trash for a week in case there is something wrong and data that shouldn’t have been deleted was removed. so it will be gone after a week.


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More than 7 days have passed since the transfer to “trash” and nothing was removed … as it was 30.4GB free a week ago, so there is still 30.4 free now …

Will this trash data be deleted automatically or should I delete it myself?

do not delete any files yourself! This will lead to disqualification in short order.

even from the trash folder?

Yes. Please do not delete ANY data that is related to running your storage node from ANY folder. The only exemption is when a support agent specifically tells you to remove specific files to fix an issue.

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Any tdd on a fix? I am now 20% over my given allocation and growing. I can live with it for a while, but yeah…

please reduce your allocation to 500 GB asap using these instructions

I have allocation set at 500Gb already with 600+Gb reported. Not much I can do. Hence, when is there an outlook for a fix?

We have a fix that is going through dev review right now. So I would hope it will be available soon to be implemented.


Than you for the quick reply. Good luck to the folks looking into this one!

We have a fix ready but our code sign certificate expired. At the moment we are unable to push out a new release.


Looks like it’s in 0.28.3. Thanks.
Another case for compiling the code yourself … no external certificate required.


Bug is now fixed:


Yup, after update to v0.28.4 I do not see over allocation anymore. Thanks for the efforts during the holiday season.

Happy New Year!


@littleskunk: That’s great news, thanks!

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