Update wallet address


How to update the wallet from config.yaml

I try to update there and restart storagenode, but not change.


If you just start and stop a container it does not re-read the config file.

I just stop the container then remove it docker rm storagenode and restart it, that forces docker to read the config.yaml file and download the latest storagenode container. the new address should then be used.

That will do it, but there is no need to rm the container. If you simply stop the node (this must be done before editing), edit the config.yaml file, then start the node, the file will be re-read by the software.

i’ve never noticed it reading the config file between stops and restarts on my system.

But I’ll take our word for it ;D

I thought that updating the wallet address would need rm storagenode and editing the wallet address then start run cmd with new wallet address

This is what I did when I was adjusting the concurrency settings, so I can confirm it does work.

Something I just considered, if ayaseen is currently running the storagenode with the wallet address specified in the run command, and they wish to change the wallet address as well as specify it in the config.yaml file, they will have to remove the container since arguments passed via the docker run command will override whatever is in the config.yaml. If this is the case, they should stop and remove the container, edit the config.yaml file, the create/run the storagenode container without the wallet address included in the run command.

Actually I removed the container and recreate it.

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