**updated 4.7.2020** Feedback wanted: QNAP NAS App

Hi Everyone!

We’ve been working on a few apps for the community - the first one we’d like to get feedback on is a QNAP App Center package that wraps the SNO tools and also includes rclone support to copy directories from the NAS to the Tardigrade network.

** Please note this is provided as-is and without warranty **

Latest QPKG Release

All feedback is welcome.


This app requires Container Station to be installed on your QNAP.

  • Put path to identity folder in Identity . This is the absolute path of identity folder. For example you copied your identity folder to /share/Public , the input will be /share/Public/identity .
  • Make sure you open the port you’re going to enter in Port Forwarding .
  • Storage Directory should contain the complete path to the shared folder. Make sure you give all the permissions to the folder with chmod -R 777 </absolutepath/to/shared_folder> . For example you create a folder with name storj at /root , this field should be populated with /root/storj
  • Ethereum Wallet Address It should be a valid ERC-20 compatible wallet address. If this path is invalid the storagenode woould not start.
  • Email Please check the email id
  • Bandwidth The minimum bandwidth requirement is 2TB .
  • Storage Allocation Be sure not to over-allocate space! Allow at least 10% extra for overhead. If you over-allocate space, you may corrupt your database when the system attempts to store pieces when no more physical space is actually available on your drive. The minimum storage shared requirement is 500 GB, which means you need a disk of at least 550 GB total size to allow for the 10% overhead.



Where is the source code of this app?

For me the qpkg does not work it ends up in a

Attention. The apps killed my Docker Image from Storj
I can not recommend to use it

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Did you already have and existing image running?

Yes I am running a image in Container Station

@utropicmedia-karl Was not able to get this to work. Could you provide a demo video to see if I missed any steps?

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What is the status of the QNAP app ?

Our devs are working on the implementation.

Hi @jensamberg - we just pushed a new build available in the OP - please note:

  • This dev build adds a custom name to the docker container that this app manages
  • The storage directory that is configured cannot be a Volume - it must be a shared directory with proper permissions and enough space relative to your configured sharing space to the network else you’ll get the insufficient space errors and the node will not properly start

For some context, we’re working on identical apps for QNAP, WD, Synology and FreeNAS - all with a consistent User Interface.

The feedback you’ve provided is greatly appreciated: please let us know if you have any additional suggestions.

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Mind if I ask for a little more context. This posted posted with little introduction and I’m just wondering as to the relationship with Storj?

Are the apps you are building the apps that storj has promised? Or is this an independent effort?

Also what does acwg stand for?

@utropicmedia-karl is building connectors for Storj Labs including the NAS Apps. These are the official Storj connectors

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That’s what I figured from context, but it wasn’t specifically mentioned. Thanks for clarifying!

What about that acwg title? I’ve been breaking my head trying to figure out what that stands for since the first post? :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope the mods can help you find out what acwg means I could guess ac is app connector maybe wg is work group? :woman_shrugging:


@utropicmedia-karl Still not working

hello, I use the 0.7.32 qpkg on my qnap nas, but it doesn’t seem to work.

the error message shows that:
ERROR contact:service ping satellite failed
ERROR nodestats:cache Get disk space usage query failed

I also checked my port: https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ is open.
DNS and No-ip DDNS is in use too.

Thanks for any help

Hi @howardsh - there are several known bugs in that version. Please use the latest - STORJ_0.7.35.qpkg - when we push a new release I will update the OP as well at the title of the thread. We’re looking to have the first round of published dev completed by the end of this week for the QNAP app.

I’ve try do download the qpkg file but is not available on Github, why ?

Same Problem here no download

0.7.37 just pushed.(see OP) This build addresses the NAT hostname bug.

For everyone, please note that the paths required for the config are the filesystem absolute paths - these are different from what QNAP displays in tools like File Station.

For example, your user home directory is likely at /share/homes/[username]/ and not /home. Also do not include the trailing directory slashes in the config fields.

Thanks for all the feedback so far. Please keep it coming!

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