Updated to use new Dashboard, now getting DQ'd

Today I finally got around to using the Windows native installer to get rid of docker and use the new dashboard. It took several tries but I got a node up and running. Looks like it didn’t find my existing data from the last node so I figured I just had to start over from scratch. A few hours later I got an email saying my node is now disqualified from one of the satellites. Is this DQ permanent? Do I really need to make a new identity and create a new node?

Your Node is Disqualified

Node ID: 12Ar14oEk5DUWJtVZXf2HDjb6pXYFRq4AzbEA3qYTHMncq5D7g4

Your Storage Node on the us-central-1 satellite has been disqualified and can no longer host data on the network.

To store data on this satellite again, you’ll need to create a new node.

The issue you probably had was you didn’t point the installer to the correct location of the data. Always double check or even triple check to make sure its seeing the data before letting it run, I would not open the ports so it does not connect to the internet to make sure its truly working before going live with it.

The installer failed if I pointed it to my existing data storage location. The only way the installer would get a node running is if I set it to a new data storage location.

No it would just use the old identity files it doesn’t matter if it sees the old data it will run anyways. Ive never heard the installer failing if you pointed it at the data folder, If that was the case it should not happen like that, if it does you can just manually change the config to the correct path without it having to reinstall it again.

Well we are past that point now, I am wondering if my DQ is permanent.

Unfortunately DQ is permanent, but I always try to figure out why it happened and starting a new node. Ive seen alot of people make the same mistake before with just a simple changing from docker to windows GUI. Sucks but you live and learn. Hopefully you didnt have alot of held amount that would be even worse.

So to create a new node, does that mean I have to create a new identity?

Yup and get a new token and run the identity making sure you delete the old identity you had before.

ok thanks for the help