Updates on Test Data

Someone please give me an answer and better stay on topic.
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I don’t see any positive changes or increase in load yet, but they wrote about some fantastic numbers that look more like “capacity extraction” rather than storing useful information.


Saltlake shows increased traffic from the start of May. I don’t think Storj is promising any particular rates of ingress for any particular duration: so we’ll all have to watch the global dashboard to see what’s coming through.

But I’m excited like you are: probably lots of SNOs are looking forward to more data: even if it’s synthetic!

Thank you for your answer, but alas, I don’t see a surge in data receipt.

Perhaps there are geographical restrictions?

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The customers didn’t signed any agreement yet; Storj is only preparing, does tests and probably makes a report with their findings for customers. If they will be convinced, than will join and we will see the much awaited ingress. But this can take weeks or months. It’s a new technology, don’t expect a big company move over night it’s PBs of data to something new and still in developement.
The bosses must be convinced and this takes time.

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I have nodes in the UK, Portugal and Poland and have not seen any significant increase in node activity either.
Perhaps it’s either not started yet or is limited in geographical scope?


There are some important changes in the upcoming storage node release:

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I believe that there are definitely geographical restrictions, but they try not to comment on this, since STORJ is positioned as a decentralized storage, and real users need a separate continent…

If I’m right and there are geographical restrictions, please try to eliminate the stratification and take care of all operators.

Just for safety I better post it in this thread as well:

We will do some spot checks regarding the bandwidth our storage nodes have. We will run the new remote benchmark tool against some random selected nodes for a short duration. We are going to use big piece sizes to compensate for the fact that the performance improvements are not rolled out yet. We hope we will still get an accurate reading. The data will be unpaid because we upload the pieces to the storage nodes without commiting the result to the satellite. Garbage collection is going to clean it up later. We will keep the upload burst short to keep the amount of unpaid data as low as possible.


If you’d like more nodes to be brought online in specific locations… will that be combined with your SLC-capacity-reservation-with-TTL system?

Making an announcement for more nodes somewhere is a relatively weak signal to SNOs… but focusing capacity-reservation at existing nodes in your required geo would be a strong one. If you want a extra nodes brought online in a geo: start filling the disks of current nodes with your SLC reservation data :money_mouth_face:


Roxor, Yes we have considered this approach and will likely implement it along with an announcement at some point in the future.


We just got our first performance test 5-6 hours ago? Looks lovely in the traffic graphs: hope you saw the numbers you were looking for!

Something overwhelmed my Pi-hole a few hours ago. I guess it was the storj test…

I had to change the ‘dns-forward-max’ setting to a higher value, default was 150.

Storagenode rollout should be finished shortly. Next round of benchmark tests incoming. Prepare for impact. Everyone hold tight :smiley:


Meanwhile my Windows node.

Compared to Linux node

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I believe we managed to reduce the gap between windows and linux performance. Lets see how your windows node performance now :slight_smile:


Hm, is this good or bad news? :thinking:

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2 of my newest nodes never receive a single vetting attempt from SLC. The rest of the satellites have been fully vetted for months on these nodes. I’m assuming because of this situation (no vetting) they won’t receive any of this test data. Pls confirm.

Well, in the lat 30 minutes all my nodes have drastically reduced network traffic.
So either I’ve missed it or the tests have been happening and are now completed :man_shrugging:t2:


I don’t think they’ve started the tests: so…

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Then why has this happened?
If it had been just on one machine I’d ignore it but these machines are spread across 3 different countries…

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