Upgrade to 1.5.2

I am trying to update my node to version 1.5.2 I am currently on version 1.4.2.
Following the instructions described in the storj documentation (automatic update) I cannot get my node to update to the latest available version.

How can I force a manual update of my node?

I’m guessing you’re on docker?


Image is not yet available.


Image is available and has been since a few hours ago. I update my (docker) node manually and have updated it to 1.5.2

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Ahh ahead of schedule. I’ll wait for watchtower, I’m not in a rush.

@TheMacR watchtower can take up to 3 days to update. There is no need to rush it.

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The image has been available specifically since last Tuesday.
I have been trying to update since then and nothing.
How to do a manual node update

It definitely hasn’t been. Releases are always available for windows first and usually take a week to even appear on docker. They are a little quicker this time. Just wait 3 days, if it hasn’t updated by then you might actually have an issue. Right now things are just going like they should.

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I am not in a rush as well, I just do not want watchtower to try to update my node when I am not available, fail and cause more downtime than necessary.

No, it became available today:

|2020.May.30 17:51:21|"2020-05-20T10:59:47.253717449Z"|
|2020.May.30 16:51:22|"2020-05-06T18:50:09.254036281Z"|

The times in the first column are in EEST (GMT+3).

Here is a simple command for monitor docker image availability:
watch -n 300 -c "curl -s https://version.storj.io/|jq .processes.storagenode"

When cursor will be fffffff (like on screenshot) docker image will be available for upgrade.

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I use this

t=`/usr/bin/curl -s "https://auth.docker.io/token?service=registry.docker.io&scope=repository:storjlabs/storagenode:pull" | cut -d'"' -f 4`
/usr/bin/curl -s -H "Authorization: Bearer $t" https://index.docker.io/v2/storjlabs/storagenode/manifests/beta | jq '.history[0].v1Compatibility | fromjson |.created'

When the output changes zabbix notifies me that a new image is available.


You are confused in the forum announcements section it has been advertised for 6 days.
In several screenshots published in the forum you see people running version 1.5.2 for days, I myself saw last Tuesday a node running version 1.5.2.
watchtower is failing for me.

Windows GUI gets it before Docker does period.