Upgrade to Ubuntu 24.04 LTS and Storj node - good to go?

Has anyone experienced upgrading Ubuntu 22.04 to 24.04 LTS on a machine hosting a node? Is there any known issue?

Are you running Docker or bare nodes? And why do you want to upgrade?

So far 22.04 has been rock solid for me. There should be a regular upgrade availability for 24.04 LTS in august, where you can upgrade normally.


I want to upgrade because… Newer is better :wink: I run the node on docker and as I installed Ubuntu 24.04 LTS on a test machine, and the upgrade was flawless, I was curious to know if a Storj node would be fine. I didn’t find any reference anywhere and I don’t want to risk complication with my node, so I will wait it seems.

I would not say newer is better, if it’s so new you’re risking stability. Just wait for general availability is my suggestion … or if you want to be on the very bleeding edge, do this:

It’s “pretty” simple. Move your /home to a new partition on disk, so that the root can be formatted without risking integrity of your files. This way you could also swap entire ditributions.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get additional performance under Arch? Or pure Debian?

Could be a very interesting post! :slight_smile: Or maybe not, they’re probably with percentiles of each other.

So upgrades are not yet available, while installation from scratch is? Interesting.

Yes, you can already upgrade with a few more steps. There are several article out there on how to do it (ex: https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/how-to-upgrade-from-ubuntu-22-04-lts-to-ubuntu-24-04-lts/ )

It worked fine for me.

Do you know if there is any justification for this delay?

Short answer is no (I’m nowhere near a software engineer!). My guess is that this is a bit of a pre-release, so they make sure it’s stable and it gives time to developers to make sure their own software are compatible.

I recommend to upgrade when they release the 24.04.1 version


I see. I hoped for some official messaging why this is the case. I’ve seen businesses aggressively upgrading systems (rare, but some do that :person_shrugging:), and it would be nice to know what risks there are.

Inplace upgrade from the last LTS version (22.04) have been delayed until august this year due to bugs.

Upgrades to Ubuntu 24.04 from 23.10 Now Enabled - OMG! Ubuntu (omgubuntu.co.uk)

Inplace upgrade from the interim 23.10 has been available for some time.

To do everything “normally”, one could upgrade from 22.04 to 23.10 and then to 24.04 … oooooor just wait