Upgrading to Bigger HDD


I have right now a setup with 4TB running. In my home i have “static ip” and i have a 200/200 internet connection. So i like to upgrade my HDDs. I got some cheap 8TB iron wolfs. Is there a way to upgrade my node without getting disqualified?

Yes, How do I migrate my node to a new device? - Node Operator

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Why not just create a new node with the new hard drive? A machine can run multiple storage nodes, each one using a separate hard drive. For instance I have a 10TiB, 14TiB and 14TiB HDD all running on the same machine. If one HDD fails, the others are not affected.


How many power supplies you got?

i use dual power supplies. But consider that replacing a bad power supply is quick and trying to resurrect a bad disk can be almost impossible especially within a reasonable time frame.

Sadly not so true for some server power supplies. Neither cheap or easily accessible sometimes.

ok thx for the answers. I have a static ip in my home. Can i host 2 nodes on the same ip? that wouldn work right?

Yes, but you have to use different external ports, like so:
Node 1:
Node 2:

Oh cool that sounds good :smiley:

Hey here is my 2 cents
It’s better to run a single node because:
1- tubing 2 nodes on one machine is bad because if it fails both fail.
2- a single node is easier to manage and less hassle.
3- and the most important part each node is audited separately but the traffic gets split across the 2 of them.
4- oh and one last thing new hdd is great as it will most likely last longer than an older one, tho run the new hdd at least for a week without the node just to make sure it is ok

Hope this helps you make a decision

Or just run it and risk losing 1 week of audits and 3ct of income.

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Well I have done that and I regret not waiting for it a bit longer

I was lucky that I kept the old hdd
3 days of lost data
You find loose just time online but audit score will drop

I would do it immediately only if the old HDD is dieiing