Uplink Android library is no longer available


I am developing an Android app and Storj turns out to be a perfect choice for image storage. But, the problem is, your Android library seems to be no longer available in Maven repository. To be specific, when I navigate to GitHub - storj/uplink-android: Storj network Android library to learn how to implement your Android library in my Android project, I tried to add the library by calling:

implementation ‘io.storj:uplink-android:1.0.0-rc.1’

But it imported nothing to my project. Then I looked up this library on https://search.maven.org/, it turns out that this library does not exist anymore.

Can you please confirm and provide a resolution? Am I missing something? Thank you very much indeed!

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Hello @trientran ,
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I notified the team about this issue, I think we will post update here when the team members will be available after weekends.


Hi, @trientran! Thanks a lot for reporting this issue. The update on this issue is that we are actively working on it. More granular updates will be available in the issue that @trientran posted on our tracker: uplink Android does not exist in Maven central repository · Issue #14 · storj/uplink-android · GitHub.