Uplink-nodejs - how to create a sharable URL for an object in a bucket?

I can create shareable links to objects using the WEB interface, but how can it be done programmatically in nodejs?

Here, I can see that a shared URL has a structure like:

https://link.us1.storjshare.io/” + accessKey+ “/” + bucket_name + “/” + object_name

But I can’t find what this accessKey is and how I can retrive it from an “access”. In the links that I create in the web interface, this accessKey has 28 characters.

Basically, what I need is a link to the object that can be used in NFT metadata.

Have your read this ? :point_down:

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You need to generate an access grant and register it on auth service to get an S3 credentials with public access.
With CLI it is an equivalent of the command:

uplink share --url --not-after=+1h sj://my-bucket/my-prefix/my-object.txt


uplink share --register --public --not-after +1h --readonly sj://my-bucket/my-prefix/my-object.txt

As result you will get an access grant, S3 credentials and linkshare URL. Where Access Key is a key what you need to form this URL.
Please note --public option, without it these S3 credentials will not register an Access Key as public.

So, you need a share and register functions in uplink-nodejs.
Share: Document

Unfortunately, I didn’t find an analogue for storj/cmd_access_register.go at ea1408f7a842c0314f7a0064bfa325fb7faf3a6e · storj/storj · GitHub


Yes. I looked at the docs, but they only refer to CLI and I need to do this programmatically.
Obviously, I can always execute a shell command programmatically, but this is often not reliable and I would prefer to do it via code.

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Access part, I know how to do it. There is also an example in HelloStorj.
Unfortunatelly, the “register” part does no seem to be available in uplink-nodejs.

I would like to wait for developers (they are available on workdays) to confirm that.

If C# and .Net are an Option for you, you may take a look at uplink.net - it includes the register-functionality.

Not an option for me. But if a solution exist using python3, then I can use that as a temporary solution. The core development is in nodejs.

I concur with @Alexey- it looks like there is no code in uplink-nodejs to perform the RegisterAccess api. It also looks like there is no code for that in uplink-python, either.

I don’t think there is any fundamental reason why either library couldn’t provide that functionality.

I’ve gotten the topic onto a meeting agenda at Storj, so hopefully we’ll be able to get that work on the roadmap at least.


Thank you for the respose. For a PoC, I will try to get something running using one of the languages that support this feature.
Is this roadmap public?

I don’t believe we have any official public roadmap information right now, but we should be able to give you some idea of how it’s prioritized and/or scheduled.

I think shelling out to the uplink CLI might be the best thing for now.