Uplink-nodejs will not run on windows

I’m trying to use uplink-nodejs on Windows and I managed to install it (I had to downgrade npm to 6.14.11).
But when I try to run the application it crashed, silently. I actually node-inspected it and the crash makes node-inspect think it’s responsible for the crash. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

On the first run I got the below error:

Fatal error in v8::HandleScope::CreateHandle()
Cannot create a handle without a HandleScope

Has anyone had the same problem?

Hi ztamizzen. Need to invstigate, I’ve never faced with it before. But why don’t you use uplink binaries for Windows to setup uplink CLI? https://docs.storj.io/dcs/getting-started/quickstart-uplink-cli/uploading-your-first-object/set-up-uplink-cli

That actually works, I’ve already tried it. We are however building an API using nodejs and it works for everyone else who is not using Windows.

I am able to run uplink-nodejs in VirtualBox but it’s not sustainable as a work environment.

As an investigative step, could you give me some example of what I should be able to do with uplink-c if I compile it myself? I am able to compile it but it doesn’t give me any output.

I have issues with this library on Linux as well. The documentation looks good but maybe it’s not quite prod-ready yet.

github.com/storj-thirdparty/uplink-js works better for me but I havent tested this on Windows.

It’s still broken but I able to work by using WSL and Ubuntu.
Which is really cool, did not know I could work this way.

Install WSL on Windows 10

You can even open VS Code from the shell and work as usual.

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