Uplink: not found (Cannot upload)

I have a cron job script that was working properly uploading backup files until July. After July, it stopped working.
Script is running uplink cp /home/user/backups/*.tar.gz sj://bkps
Error is uplink: not found
I had not changed anything in the script or in my sj bucket

Hello @gerstavros,
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Do you have files in /home/user/backups/*.tar.gz? Does the user for cron have an access to them? If you have subdirectories - you likely need to use --recursive flag.
What’s the version of uplink?

Yes files exist and permission are ok. The script was working properly and no change happened to it.
It seems that when script is run from cron job, uplink is not found.
However if i run uplink from ssh, it works. Same user, tried cron job as root too.

UPDATE: replaced the uplink with the full location (/usr/local/bin/uplink) and worked now

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