Uplink Php files

Hi storj team,
I have recently seen that storj has released the uplink for php version but in this

$access = \Storj\Uplink\Uplink::create()->requestAccessWithPassphrase(
what is my base 58api key and my passs phrase where can i get that can u please post the answer below

Hi @bharathmanvas!

When you log into the Storj web interface (e.g., you log in to https://us1.storj.io, or another region), there is a button titled “Create an Access Grant” on the “Access” tab. After naming it you will have two options:

  1. Continue in browser
  2. Continue in CLI

If you want to use the API method “requestAccessWithPassphrase”, you will need to use the “Continue in CLI” option, which generates for you the base58 API Key. You will have to choose the passphrase yourself.

If alternatively you select “Continue in browser”, the browser will do the “requestAccessWithPassphrase” step for you and will return to you an already created access grant. In this case, you’ll want to use parseAccess instead of requestAccessWithPassphrase.

It’s worth pointing out that requestAccessWithPassphrase is going to have a key derivation step that is CPU intensive, so it’s not a good idea to use requestAccessWithPassphrase in a hot path. That’s why parseAccess exists and is preferred.

Hope this helps!