Uplink share does not respect the original file extention

Description of the issue: When you share an object in opendocument file format with uplink share --url sj://example/example.odt and download it from the URL, the extension of the file is changed into .zip (Files in opendocument format is basically ZIP files).


Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. uplink mb sj://example
  2. uplink cp example.odt sj://example
  3. uplink share --url sj://example/example.odt
  4. Open the generated URL
  5. Click Download

Expected result:
example.odt should be downloaded

Actual result:
example.zip is downloaded

Please let me know if I should report the issue on GitHub issue tracker.

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This could be more of an issue with the linkshare service webserver file handlers or the downloading browser, than with uplink.

If you look in the bucket does the file extension still show correctly?
On the share URL does the extension show correctly?

Yes, it does. On Terminal the extension is displayed correctly with uplink.

The problem should be fixed now, please, check

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I found it has been fixed, thanks for pinging.