Uplink Share Folder URL, Downloading it

My question here is:

I’ve added a folder to a bucket
I’ve added files to the folder
I’ve created a share URL:

uplink share sj://testencr/testfolder --url --not-after=none

→ I receive a URL, I open the URL, I click download.

I get a file… with no extensions… it’s not a zip… it’s ??

What can I do with what I downloaded?

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Your browser and OS manages extensions. What is filename in the bucket?

uplink ls sj://testencr/testfolder/


Well that is the thing. I am requesting the folder itself, not a file within.
sj://testencr/testfolder is a folder

but STORJ allows me to download it when visiting the URL. And it actually downloads a file, that is the size of the content. The testfolder has 2 images in it and they are together about 31kb. When I download sj://testencr/testfolder using the share URL, I get a file of 31kb.

But it’s not a zip? I don’t know how to process whatever I have downloaded

As you using the ‘share url’ how are you processing/triggering the download? In a browser? Have you formatted the URL to use /raw/ instead of /s/?

I wasn’t aware it was possible to download a folder so you might just be downloading the html of the share webpage. Check it in notepad or a text editor?

There is no feature to download a “folder” or bucket via browser. The “folder” - is a prefix in the objects’ names, it’s not a folder actually.

You need to use any other integration options like uplink, rclone, FileZilla, Cyberduck, etc. to download all objects with needed prefix.

You may also try to use some browser extensions, which can recognize and download all objects from the opened “folder” in the browser.

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Both ways give me the same result.

So i replace /s/ with /raw/ and that gives me a 31kb file
I can also just do the /s/ URL and press the big Download button.

This is how it looks:

As you can see in the URL, this is literally the folder, not a file in it.

I already checked it in Notepad++ and it’s just a bunch of gibberish. It’s also not the HTML page. The file was 31kb, now I added a 1mb photo to the folder and now the file is 1,16mb

Well that’s what you say. But see below:

This is the screen I get, when I ask for a share url for the folder. It has a download button and I can replace /s/ with /raw/ and also download it that way. So my question is what is the file I get when I click this? The file was 31kb, I just added a 1mb photo to it and now it’s 1.16MB as you can see on the image.

I have no extensions or anything special.

I cannot reproduce it.
How do you created a “folder”?

Try to add a .zip extension to the downloaded file, can it be opened as an archive?
What are caveats for the generated access grant?

uplink access inspect

you need to hide keys or just show caveats, if you going to past it here. If it’s a root access grant, there would not be any caveats.