Uplink: stream: ecclient: successful puts (N) less than success threshold (80)

I decided to try the free plan and save database backups in storj… yes, I can’t even upload a 10mb file!!!
we take a regular uplink, writes the cp command to get the same error, well, yes, only the number in brackets changes. I go to another ip, the same thing … another one, it floods there every other time, what’s the joke? what kind of blocking?

I forgot to say that nothing works through filezilla either

This is my favorite StorJ error of all time. A close second are dialing errors.

Most of the time this indicates an issue with your local network. The error is telling you that the client connection was interrupted before the overall object upload completed. 99% of the time this is an issue on either your local network or one of your upstream providers.


If your upstream bandwidth is low enough (below 25Mbit) the frequency of such errors will only increase unfortunately with lowing of upstream.
But you can use a GatewayMT integration, and your uploads should work better for low upstream bandwidth.
See Rclone with Hosted Gateway | Storj Docs or Filezilla Pro Integration Guide | Storj Docs

For backups I would recommend to use a specialized solutions:


Side track, but are you talking about the successful puts (2) less than or equal to repair threshold (6), error?

That is fixed a few days ago, will be included in the next release.

If you know any other annoying error message which doesn’t have any information, please LMK.

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Is that going to include every encountered error? That’s going to be quite noisy in the logs for up to 110 pieces that were attempted. Counts per error type would be better I think.

Edit: I should say this is still a very welcome addition. :slight_smile:

yes - that error. looking at the patch the additional details will be helpful - I suspect if there is a large network issue it would be obvious to the end-user with all the node sockets failing…

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It includes only the errors if uploads are below the repair threshold. In normal case (when a few slow nodes are failed) there is no log.

Most of the time you shouldn’t see this error, but when you see it’s usually either a network or another serious error where an error message might help (and capped by the repair threshold)

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