Upload failed error

Hello, I just started with my first node yesterday. I see a lot of upload failed errors in log, it’s about 90%
Should I be worried?

Your node is slower than competitors.
How is your storage connected to the PC?

I am using raspberry pi 4, its connected using usb 3.
Any recommendations for running nodes on pi?

Maybe my hard drive is getting old…

It’s usually a combination of hardware and location. Using slow storage could impact it, but mostly when it’s network connected, which isn’t recommended for other reasons. Usb3 should be fine. Are you using a VPN? Where are you located? We know that some countries are kind of isolated with few bottlenecked interconnects. China is one example. In most cases there is not much you can do. But what you’re trying to achieve is bring down the time between the uplink sending the transfer request and it getting the completion message. Since the pieces are fairly small, bandwidth is usually less important than latency (unless bandwidth is really low), so keep that in mind.

I don’t use vpn, i have 100Mb/s upload/download speed. I am located in Lithuania.

None of that sounds bad. You mentioned it was an old HDD. How old are we talking? What model is it?

Seagate, date on hdd says 2016. I will just create another node with better hdd and see how it goes. Will report back.

You don’t need to create a new node, you can transfer the data from your existing node along with the identity. At least you’ll get a head start on vetting.

I run a rock64 with an external USB 3.0 HDD (seagate circa 2018). I have a current upload success rate of about 25%. My node is in eastern Canada. These arm based platforms just aren’t powerful enough to win races with the network isn’t being hammered with test data. But they also run on very little electricity compared to full PC/Server, so there are trade offs.

I will leave this node online, and get another one. To see how it compares. Just purchased hdd enclosure :smile:

Not a bad idea, although assuming your have them running on the same network (same public IP), you will be splitting the traffic between the two nodes. So vetting will take twice as long on the new node, and the old node and new node will get half of the current traffic you have been seeing.

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Vetting is not a problem, node was just 24 hours old. I thought traffic is not allocated by ip but rather by identity?

Traffic is allocated per NodeID, however, you should take in account that all nodes behind the same channel will use the traffic in parallel.
If you mean the bandwidth allocation in the configuration.

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Same issue with me, 95% upload suddenly failing… that’s after v.0.31.12

How is your storage connected to your PC?

@phkaham Please read this: Context cancelled on all uploads/downloads

Everyone seems to be having this happen.

its on Qnap, haven’t had any problem with upload last 2-3 months

You didn’t answer to my question - is your HDD directly connected to the storagenode?
Or do you use a network connection?

My HDD is connected directly