Upload file to storj from nodejs (uplink-nodejs)

Hello dear gentlemen and ladies.

I’m following Nodejs tutorial and I’m stuck at Step 8 Create buffer section.

  • What is BUFFER_SIZE variable? Is it size.file?
  • What is fileHandle? If it is the result of calling project.uploadObject(...) function (which returns this object UploadResultStruct { upload: { _handle: 3 } }) then what do I need to pass as a fileHandle? fileHandle.upload._handle?
  • this code throws this error
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Welcome to the forum! We have escalated this issue to our dev team. They will get back to you asap.

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Hi @barbaris !

Check out uplink-nodejs/HelloStorj.js at 7fb4a9ab35b04c7338d503d6d3d76d9264c53867 · storj-thirdparty/uplink-nodejs · GitHub and see if you can replicate the error with the example code.




Copied line 138 function call body, the error is gone.
Can’t find uploaded file in my bucket though (on the website). Will leave that for tomorrow.

Thank you so much for quick response

upd. couldn’t find the file because I didn’t commit it to storj.