Upload of files in a loop gets an error after several files being uploaded

Hi friends,

I am back to discussion with some new questions. Previously you helped me just brilliantly with my implementation problems, so hopefully we’ll find the solution again :slight_smile:

I created a small GO based service to collect cyclically the data from exchanges and put it into the STORJ network. The single operations work flawlessly, however I got a new issue with uploading the multiple files in a loop (files are stored locally), and it worked previously like charm.

The upload and download functionality is implemented in the same way as in github repo example: ULR. However I am getting all the buckets and objects assigned to those buckets on every API call (possible sourse of problem?) and after perform up-/download depending on the amount of objects stored in buckets.

This is the error message, which I get from uplink: could not commit uploaded object: uplink: stream: ecclient: successful puts (77) less than success threshold (80). This occurs (with variable numbers) just after 3 or 4 files were uploaded.

Initially I thought, that the upload process isn’t closed, but this is implemented directly in UPLINK library (for downloads it is implemented at a different spot). Now I am thinking about some timing issues or maybe an issue with updating the client too frequently. But since I was initially able to upload large amoutns of files without any problems, the problem seems to be else where. Please halp :slight_smile:


A few things from me worth checking:

  1. Make sure you reuse the opened project in the download loop and not open it on every turn;
  2. What OS are you running your program on?

Some operating systems have tight opened file descriptors limits. It might be worth checking if maybe this limit needs to be increased.

  1. Oh, interesting, cause that’s exactly the thing, what I do :smiley: → on every call to the API I am updating the project. Will try now without this function, but… In this case the question: what is the duration for the client session after I acquired the access rights? It’s for sure limited to some hours if not minutes :slightly_smiling_face:
  2. OSX, Big Sur 11.4

TY for the support!

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Woop-Woop, the frequent client updating was exactly the problem.

After removing that code line everything returned to the norm :slight_smile: I marked your idea as a solution.

Is the same logic also applicable to object downloads? There I also update my project on every call, to retrieve the latest data from buckets.

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Access grants are stateless, and encryption keys never leave your machine. They are meant to be long-lived. An open project inherits this property and also has some underlying features like connection pooling (I think this is the primary reason why opening a project per upload/download is a bad idea).

I’m glad everything works for you! You should apply the same logic to downloads. It’s best to have one [0] opened project throughout the whole program for all interactions with the network, even if your application runs for days or years.

[0] Of course, if you must handle multiple access grants concurrently, you will need to open multiple projects. In that case, make sure to configure a shared connection pool via uplink.Config.