Upload then Delete (Or Bug on Accounting?)


Hi, does this mean people keep uploading and then deleting data? Does this happening to a lot of SNOs?

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Not necessarily, the GB*h accounting seems to be a bit inaccurate for me. Data goes up and down, but I do not see that many deletes from the satellite. Or even more, stored data goes up, but there was not enough ingress to account for it.


GB*h accounting seems to be a bit inaccurate for me

It seems like it as well to me, as I check disk space usage day by day and it never really went down.

Does this affect our payment as well, or the payment uses a different counting method that’s 100% accurate?

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I just assumed the accounting happens over a few days, since it seems to smooth out in the past …

The value for the current day is always off or not measured yet. On my nodes it always slopes down like this. Tomorrow the curve will be ok for the 20th of April, but the 21st will be not.

I think we’re talking about this (circled)


20TB* h - 14TB* h = 6,000 GB * h = 250GB - I don’t think my bandwidth could do that since it shows around 25GB

I can add this:
GB*h divided by 24 to get GB, also delayed by one day (because “current day” shows wrong values)

See the jump from 980GB to 1.25TB? ~250GB oer 24 hours would be about 25mbps sustained ingress

Traffic from that satellite:

There is no way that both 980GB and 1.25TB values are correct.

There does seems some accounting error. On my full storage node, I get only 0-100MB ingress a day (max fluctuation of ~2.5GBh) but the TBh graph fluctuates by 0-1TBh

It’s a result of the node infrequently updating the TBh stat and the graph using the last known total by end of day. Sometimes that’s near the end of the day, sometimes that could be noon. That discrepancy leads to fluctuations in the graph that aren’t actually there in the data. Use it as a rough indication, not exact data.


And just to piggy back on BrightSilence’s reply, it appears to me that that stat is updated about twice per day (so let’s say every 12 hours), and stopping and starting a node can lead to a kind of “forced” update, which then resets that 12-hour clock. So if it was updating every day at 10am and 10pm, but then you stopped the node at 1pm and started back up at 2pm, then that stat would update when started at 2pm and then not update again until 2am, in the next day, which could cause some fluctuations in that graphical representation.

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Now it is just plain wrong again (full 800GB node, small trash 1.5GB) Three days dropping TBh
20th April is 20.95 TBh
21st April is 19.95 TBh
22nd April is 17.85 TBh
23rd April is 12.57 TBh
today is 24th so ignore that data point

Same for this node

Same for this one, except 24th April it has caught up

And a new node, not full, shows the same pattern: