Uploaded files using uplink, but can't find it on objects online

uploaded files using uplink, but can’t find it on objects online
what could I be doing wrong? different regions or something like that?


How do you checked objects online?
Did you share them with uplink share --url or something other?
If you trying to see them via Objects browser in the satellite UI please make sure that you used the same encryption phrase and didn’t put an extra space or Carriage Return somewhere.

I only want to see the object on the Objects browser.
I used the satellite address generated along with the API key.
No spaces or extra keys, but I will double check. Also didn’t use the passphrase to configure uplink that I remember.

Does it mean if I use the address and the api key correctly, i should see the objects in the browser?

The only encryption phrase is matter. The API key is initial token to generate an access grant and it includes an encryption phrase as a part of the wizard, you cannot miss it.

Enter your encryption passphrase:
Error: uplink: Encryption passphrase cannot be empty

Oh I think I need to use the access grant, let me see this time, generated a different key

If you would use a different encryption phrase, you will not see files in the Objects browser.

yeah that i understood, thank you!!