Uploads interrupted

I tried to upload a 6GB file via the satellite ui from a tablet (Wifi) with Windows 11.

2 issues with that:

  • Upload never finishes. Because the upload takes long at some time the tablet turns itself into stand-by mode which seems to interrupt the upload.

  • Although the upload never finishes the UI now tells me that I have additional files in the bucket. These files are not visible. Only the number of files gets shown. Obviously these are the remains of the broken uploads.

The web UI is not supposed to be used as a primary interface to the Storj network. It’s only for a quick start or few files about 1GB as a maximum.
Remember - our target is not consumers.

If you want to upload greater files, you need to use tools:

By the way, we have few tools for Android devices:

And Guide to Integrate Photos+ App with Storj - Storj Docs for Apple and Android.

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I am not sure these tools will help.
Because the issue seems to be that Windows goes to sleep while it is uploading either because of the time it takes or because the lid is closed.

I think Windows Updates can download in the background while the computer is sleeping or wake it up to download and keep it awake so it can do the required downloads. Weird that other applications can’t do that or don’t have permission to.

You can set the power settings for sleep to “never”.


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nice one. And how it supposedly should upload if it’s turned off?

no. They will wake up your computer to do so.

I think I have tried that but when you close the lid it still went to sleep.

Something like this does not show up:


Anyway for a computer and an OS that is designed for being connected to networks all the time it is quite sad that you cannot simply keep file transfers running and let the OS know that it should keep them running.

If I start an upload and close the lid it should not turn itself off. When the upload has finished then it should go to sleep.

Obviously it can wake up the computer and prevent it from going to sleep again until updating has finished. After that it goes back to sleep.
That would be my desired behavior for file transfers as well.

Select “Do Nothing” from the drop down list for “when I close the lid” for a laptop.

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My preferred way would be if file transfers could be automatically detected and prevent Windows from switching into energy saving modes.
I found this little tool here: Rule that prevents the computer goes into standby during a download? which can even act on network activity.
Something like this should a browser be capable of. The large up or downloads would not be interrupted.

It looks like a handy tool. I suppose the new generation of “AI” laptops with Windows 12 could do that by default.

It is the year 2024 and Windows does interrupt file transfers for “energy saving”.
It is quite laughable. It must happen to users of other services like Dropbox a lot.
Instead of adding so many useless gimmicks to Edge, they should add a file transfer detection that prevents sleeping during transfers.

I do not think that anyone is implemented that for the last several years as a default behavior. At least I’m not aware.
(and for honestly I usually configure it to go to a sleep mode immediately as I closed the lid, because the next action is to put a laptop to the bag and immediately go to somewhere - to the work, to the airport, from the security check in the same airport and to the plane, so I do not like, if it would try to drain my battery for useless attempts to do something).

You can configure that on many platforms (at least on Windows - for sure, perhaps on Mac - too, not sure about Linux though).