Uptime kuma keywords monitoring

With uptime kuma (uptime robot engine) I can check http keyword. I’m monitoring http page of my nodes for keyword “true” for in “AllHealthy”.
Can I be safe with that? If a node starting to fail audits it turn to false?

Why search for keyword when you have an option to check TCP Port ?


Use the port you used in your config to monitor node’s uptime.

Edit: you can get the same features from uptime robot too.

Because is not just a port. Keyword (“AllHealthy”: true) give you a better monitor of your node. Quic is ok. Uptime is ok. It’s not just up and running… and maybe failing audits :slight_smile:


If any error just happening (for example - not trusted satellites), it would turn to false.
So not necessarily only failed audits.

Can I find a list of “triggers” for false value?

any error in your log can trigger it.


BTW, Kuma supports parsing JSON and comparing values, in case by keyword you meant Kuma’s HTTP Keyword monitor

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Yes. I meant that. I’m using http keyword monitor

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