Uptime not growing since downtime

Had to run fsck on raid of two 6TB + 4TB disks because of two dmesg disk errors appeared in logs a week ago. Downtime was about 23 hours, no errors were found. Uptime percents in dashboard lowered to 89-92% depending on satellite and after a week passed since downtime happened digits are not growing at all. I think this is some information update issue. No special errors in storjnode logs exist (except regular upload-download race lost errors). Can I somehow forcibly ask for new registered uptime data of my node? Thanks.

I’ve had some downtime too (DNS stupidity on my part) and my uptime is also firmly stuck in the low 90s and doesn’t seem to have gone up over the last 2 weeks or so.
I’m waiting for the month to roll over, maybe that’ll reset the accounting?

It’s a 30 days moving average. So it never goes up until the day with downtime is outside of that window.


I thought it might be something like that so I wasn’t too stressed out.
Thank you for confirming it :slight_smile:

Figured out what was happening. Docker was unable sometimes to get IP addreses of satellites from my ISP DNS server. Do not know why this happens never had DNS response problems until now. Added google, cloudflare, and other public DNS servers to dhcpcd.conf as backup servers and uptime started growing in dashboard same day.