Uptime Not Reported Correctly, Understanding Impact

I’ve been running my Node for about a month now and I’m having issues with the uptime on the dashboard being reported correctly. About a week after I started, I took my system down for cleaning and updates. Node was probably down for 60 to 90 minutes. I expected to see up time for each satellite drop from 100% to maybe 99%. But when I checked, one of the satellites dropped all the way from 100% to 80.00%, while the other five were still on 100! Last time I checked a few hours out of the week isn’t 20%.
Then a few more weeks go by and the power goes out while I am out of town. Somehow, Storj didn’t get restarted until I logged into the server again which was about 2.5 days later. Now my up-time ranges from 76% to 92% among the six satellites. Why is it so much different between the six? Why is it so low, even though my down time has only been maybe 5%? How much history is this calculation based off of, 30 days? I want to know when I can expect my reputation to improve. Will this impact the amount of data I receive in the meantime?
There were no issues with my Internet connection or other gaps in the Storj graph during this time. Thank you

Hi flyoffacliff, welcome to the forum!

Take a read of this article for a short overview of how the online score is calculated.

Basically, the online score is calculated per satellite and is based on audit requests. If you node holds less data for certain satellites, it is less likely to get audited so you might see the score go down on some satellites and not others. It takes 30 days to fully recover the score to 100% assuming no additional downtime.

So even a momentary connection issue could result in the score going down, and this might not even be seen with uptime robot since it only checks every 5 mins with the free plan.