Uptime randomly reseting

Hello. I have a problem with my first node (double node operator here). There’s problem with uptime reseting after some time (randomly). After it i have 90-95% score suspension and i think by this audit is going down too. Uptime on first node is 4h 23m, and on the second node is 143h 41m. This situation has been 2 times. Do you have any suggestions to resolve my problem? This problem doesn’t exist on my second node.

You should check your log for error messages. If the uptime is randomly resetting, it probably means your node is restarting. Check for errors just prior the the restart and report back what you find.

You should also check how your server is behaving with top or similar, to see its load average and if you’re experiencing high IO/waits.

What you describe reminds me of one of my nodes that was struggling because of an SMR disk, causing IO/wait to skyrocket to 100+, memory consumption would increase up to the point where the OOM killer would get rid of my node… which would get restarted by docker, and so on.

It might not be what’s wrong in your case, but it’s definitely worth checking your server’s status :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the problem fixed but I don’t know how.
Node is running on Raspberry Pi 4 through LTE with unlimited bandwidth. It may be main problem but everyday when I’m using this internet it’s very stable.
I/O is 0%. RAM usage max 500mb with 4GB and CPU usage is low.
If the problem come back i will reply again.