Uptime robot and false downtime?

windows 10
Uptime robot has started notifying me of false downtimes. Happening about once every day or 2.
When I get a DOWN notification, I check the node and the dashboard shows up. I check the port and it is showing as open. I can connect to the internet. I’m seeing throughput to the node. Windows uptime is good. I’ve checked the IP address it hasn’t changed.
Then 10 to 15 minutes later I get the UP message from Uptime robot.
I’m thinking of trying another uptime tool like hetrix and see if I have the same issue, but uptime robot has worked well for 6+ months.
Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

Maybe its not false and your internet is briefly going down for a few secs at a time, losing connection for a moment of time. Maybe DNS issues between you and uptime robot.

I have been using uptime robot for over a year now with no issues.


Yes Uptime robot has worked well for me too, that’s why this is surprising and puzzling.
If the IP address hasn’t changed what could be a DNS issue?
Modem/Router uptimes are good. I’ve enabled logging on the Modem/Router, so I’ll check them next time it happens. tks.

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Have you also checked to see your dashboard on your node to see if the online % is falling?

it is ofc possible that uptime robot has a server / cluster with issues without knowing it… but i think the most likely cause is your internet… tho if you do use ddns then i would start looking at that… there does seem to be quite a few of people complaining about downtime being registered in various ways.

normal dns wouldn’t affect it since everything in the storagenode network is based on ip addresses, unless if you don’t have a fixed ipaddress and a ddns solution is used but thats more of a patch.

the ddns solution basically works by giving the satellite your ddns name and then you run some software which keeps an eye on your online ip address, and when the ip changes, it broadcasts that to the ddns service which updates their dns tables, which then gives who ever asks the dns for your ipaddress the new ipaddress…

only problem with this is that there are tons and tons of dns servers on the internet and each one has some tables and then asks other dns servers for ip address on names they don’t have the ip address for, so when the ddns service updates their table, it will be grabbed by other dns servers and they will update their table and so on and so forth… from what i understand this takes up to 10 minutes to traverse most of the internet… but in theory it might take much longer and also depends on which dns servers the other party (in this example the satellites) are using, because if you are using a dns server in rural china then it might take a while before your new ip will be updated in rural iran, or lets say rural peru…

but yeah check the dashboard, thats a good place to start and if you use a ddns solution then certainly start there.